Spring Clean-up

What is a spring clean-up?A spring clean can be defined as whatever needs to be done to get the property ready (preventing disease and damage) and looking aesthetically pleasing for the summer months. These services might be included: Remove leaves, twigs, branches, and debris from the lawn. Aerate, overseed, de-thatching, and or lawn rolling of […]

Mulch & Decorative Stone

There are many benefits of adding mulch to a garden area, other than aesthetics. These include: The ability to retain moisture in the soil – Mulch reduces sunlight and wind from reaching topsoil, causing it to dry out. Reduce winter injury to shrubs and bushes – Mulch keeps shrub and root balls insulated from winter […]

Edging Mulch Beds

There are many benefits to edging your mulch beds.These are: Aesthetically pleasing to the eye – Edging helps define the gardening space by marking it off from the rest of the yard. Keeps mulch where it belongs – The underground portion of edging prevents the plant roots from growing outside the bed while preventing grassroots […]


Too often, plant maintenance is overlooked. There are several benefits to a well-maintained landscape besides aesthetic purposes. Sure your home’s exterior property will look much more presentable. Still, pruning and trimming also allow for proper plant growth, as well as helping to control insects and plant-related diseases. Pruning vs. Trimming The terms pruning and trimming are often used interchangeably, […]


Thatch is a layer between the grass and the soil made up of interwoven accumulated dead and living grass shoots, stems, crowns, and roots.A thin layer of thatch is good. It helps maintain soil moisture and temperature. A thick layer of thatch can harm lawns the following ways. It’s difficult for water to penetrate a […]