Here in Central New York we enjoy our winters but we enjoy our other 3 seasons even more! Once winter recedes and snow quickly gives way to our warm afternoons and beautiful evenings outdoors wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a space made just for you and your family to sit and entertain in the sunshine and fresh air. Spend time with family and friends relaxing outside after a long day as the sun just begins to set and the stars begin to shine while a fire burns in your outdoor fire pit.


Improving your home is always a good investment. In the current economic environment, people are staying put. Adding to your home's value is the right thing to do as it positions you well for when the market improves and people start buying again. When the time is right to sell, having an outdoor living space makes your home more marketable than residences that don't.

Your outdoor space can be furnished as though it were an extra room in your home, with plenty of seating space to take in the sounds and smells of nature, or it could be personalized with a grill and outdoor bar to host celebrations with some friends.

Outdoor living areas increase the value of your home, should you want to sell, and they increase the personality and functionality of your backyard. Over the past decade, the market for outdoor living materials has exploded, giving consumers extremely varied choices as to what is possible with their space. There has never been a better time to invest.


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