Todd Fritzen, owner of Syracuse Lawn and Maintenance, is far from new to this industry. In 1995 he was working a forty hour work week at a warehouse, and decided to open his own business on the side. He started with eight lawns to mow working with nothing but a push mower, broom and his car. After three years of working way over forty hours and both Saturdays and Sundays his lawn accounts grew. He started some small landscaping projects and by the fourth year he was working full time in lawn care and landscaping. This “one-man show” insured quality in all his jobs, & he never gave anything but his best.

Going strong for five years by himself, he was now in the position to hire on more help as it became a bit overwhelming during this growth. In spring of 2000 Todd resigned from his position at the warehouse and launched Syracuse Lawn and Maintenance. With his company growing Todd has now employed four full time employees and currently has two lawn routes in action. The company is growing each and every year and he envisions adding many more routes so he can continue the progress of his company in the Syracuse area.

But, there’s a lot more to Todd than mowing grass and landscaping. Without his strong willed personality and some guilty pleasures, Todd wouldn’t have been able to grow as he did. Todd, or some may know him as Toddio loves football, and if you really want to get him talking just bring up the NY Giants. His family and friends mean the world to him and he loves being outdoors. His friendly, driven and honest nature has brought him to where he is today.

He does it all, from taking care of his customers to office work to landscape design. The perfectionist side of Todd can show from time to time but this has only led him to his efficient ways and allowing him to reach all his goals. With his favorites tunes of Zac Brown Band and Sugarland playing in the background he works under pressure while never ever letting his clients down. His hardworking personality doesn’t put up with being un-prepared or not being efficient. He gets the job done right, every time. Todd Fritzen’s persistance and dedication created a company from what he knew and loves best. He has poured all of his heart and soul into Syracuse Lawn and Maintenance and will only continue to do so.